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8 tips to help you hack the Glastonbury ticket sale

General admission tickets for the festival go on sale on November 19 – here’s how to get ready

Chiara Wilkinson
Written by
Chiara Wilkinson

If at first you don’t succeed, try again – right? That’s certainly the attitude you’ll need if you want to get your hands on tickets for Glastonbury 2024. The coach tickets sold out in only 25 minutes, and with general sale happening this Sunday, you’re going to want to pull out all of the stops. 

There’s good reason why it’s so difficult to get a spot at Glastonbury – we’d go as far to say it’s the best music festival in the world. And it’s not only a music lovers’ paradise (last year saw Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses and Elton John take to the Pyramid Stage), it’s also a 24-hour city of entertainment – with all sorts of cinema, circus, art and performance on offer for five days straight. 

As far as the 2024 festival goes, there’s already been a fair amount of speculation as to who might be playing: Madonna, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have all been rumoured to be headliners. The full line-up won’t be revealed until late spring next year, with the event itself taking place on June 26 to 30 2024. 

Glastonbury’s organisers recently announced that the festival ticket price for next year would be its highest ever. Tickets for the 2024 will cost £355, plus the £5 booking fee – up from 2023’s price of £335. Still keen to go? It’s going to be a mission, that’s for sure. But if you’re up for it, here are some tips that *might* improve your chances of scooping some tickets. Just maybe. 

Everything you need to know about Glastonbury 2024
Emily Eavis has dropped some major hints about Glastonbury’s 2024 headliners

1. Register, register, register

Pre-registration is the crucial first step to securing tickets – so crucial, in fact, that there’s no way you’ll be able to buy one without doing so.

If you haven’t already registered, however, we have bad news. Registration for 2024 is now closed. Maybe you’ll be more organised next year, eh? 

2. Round up the troops

Registered? Good: now shit is about to get serious. You’ll have more of a chance of getting a ticket if you’re in a team, so it’s time to round up the troops and work out logistics. Generally, one person can book up to a maximum of six tickets per order – so grab a team of six, make a group chat, ensure everyone in it has registered by the deadline. It pays to have friends: working in a group of six will increase your chances of getting a ticket by 500 percent. 

3. To coach or not to coach?

There are two types of Glastonbury tickets: standard weekend tickets and coach weekend tickets. Ticket-and-coach packages were on sale on November 16, selling out in 25 minutes. General sale tickets go on sale on Sunday November 19 from 9am GMT.

What are the benefits of a coach package? As well as being a hell of a lot better for the environment than driving and meaning you won’t need to deal with potential rail strikes or a long, tired, drive home, some people say that getting a coach from a random destination will give you a better chance of securing tickets. This is something to consider, but you have to take it seriously: you won’t be able to just buy a coach ticket and make your own way there, because they give you your ticket on the bus. 

4. Make a game plan

Now that you’ve got your group of six and have argued about whether you’re going to get the coach or not, it’s time to get going with the paperwork. That means spreadsheets, it means schedules and it means serious organisation. 

A good way to plan ahead for the big day of ticket sales is to create a shared spreadsheet (Google sheets is a safe bet) with all group members’ names, postcodes and finalised registration details. You’ll all be able to view it and copy-and-paste your essential info into the form when the scramble finally arrives.

5. Line up that cash

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to get all the way to check out and realise you spent your Glastonbury savings on another round at the pub the night before. Ticket prices for Glastonbury 2024 are at their highest ever, costing £355 plus £5 booking fee (plus coach fees). 

To nab a Glastonbury ticket in the first wave, you’ll need a £75 deposit per ticket – meaning you’ll need a minimum of £450 cash in your account to pay for your group of six in one transaction. Make sure everyone in your team has enough money, and that your online banking is working smoothly. You don’t want to miraculously end up at the payment page to have your ticket purchase bounce back!

6. Set an alarm

General tickets for Glastonbury 2024 go on sale on Sunday November 19 at 9am. General tickets for Glastonbury 2024 go on sale on Sunday November 19 at 9am. General tickets for Glastonbury 2024 go on sale on Sunday November 19 at 9am. Did you hear that? General tickets for Glastonbury 2024 go on sale on Sunday November 19 at 9am

Set your alarms now, block out your diary, cancel your plans the night before – you’re not going to want to sleep through this alarm. 

7. Be tech-savvy

No, we’re not talking about bots. You’re going to want to line up all the tech you have to the best of your advantage when trying to purchase Glastonbury tickets – and to get everyone in your group to do the same.

Set up in separate houses with separate internet connections. Charge up your phone, your tablet, your laptop, maybe your tamagotchi – basically every reliable electronic internet device you can get your hands on – and head to the corner of your home with the best internet connection. 

Once you load up the Glastonbury ticket page on every device and the clock strikes nine, you’ll probably end up in the infamous virtual queue. There’s no easy way around this, but using different devices will marginally increase your chances of getting ahead. You can also try using multiple browsers on one device, each with only one tab open (don’t try multiple tabs at once, this will slow things down). 

8. Try, and try again

Didn’t get tickets this time round? Don’t worry – Glastonbury puts on a ticket re-sale and a coach-ticket re-sale closer to the event, when you can stress out, scream at your computer and try these tips all over again.

Did you see that Emily Eavis has dropped some major hints about Glastonbury’s 2024 headliners?

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