Greggs is launching in Cornwall, the land of pasties, and locals aren’t happy

One social media user said it marked ‘the first major battle in a full-on war’

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Greggs might go down a treat in London and the north, but in the home of the Cornish pasty, maybe not so much. So when the bakery franchise launched a new store on the Devon-Cornwall border, folks weren't too happy. But now, undeterred, the company wants to open another one.

Greggs launched a store in 2019 in Saltash near the Devon-Cornwall border – without much fanfare. But just nine months later, the store packed up shop and closed for good. 

Not one to give up, the company has said it will be opening a store in the town of Truro, where independent bakeries reign supreme. 

The news, much like the last Greggs opening, hasn’t gone down well with locals. One social media user wrote: ‘This is the first major battle in a full-on war. It is an invasion on our capital.’

Another wrote: ‘Never have my custom when there [are] proper pasty shops down the road.’

At the Saltash store, Greggs decided to skip the beef pasty, which is crimped in the Devon style – even though it is usually available in its shops.

It’s unclear whether the new store will also eschew the pasty or go in all-guns blazing with their own take on the local dish. Watch this space. 

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