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Toys ’R’ Us
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It’s official: Toys ‘R’ Us is returning to the UK

The retailer folded in 2017 after it declared bankruptcy

Written by
Faima Bakar

Toys ‘R’ Us was a childhood dream that your parents let you indulge in if you were really, really good. But the beloved retailer folded in 2017 when it declared bankruptcy, and by the following year it had shut all its UK stores.

Now though, against the odds, it’s back. The toy shop has resurrected some of its stores in the USA, with plans to bring them to the UK too.

This time, however, Toys ‘R’ Us won’t be operating in large out-of-town warehouses, but rather inside WHSmith shops. Nine stores will have a Toys ‘R’ Us franchise inside – so no more endlessly walking through the aisles in search for your fave action hero or plush teddy, in other words.

After this test run, the firm will consider expanding the franchise model further. But that depends on whether the brand manages to ‘generate material levels of revenue’, according to industry magazine Toy World.

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