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Lighthouse in front of sunset
Photograph: Airbnb

Stay in this lighthouse keeper’s cottage on one of the UK’s most remote islands

The property is only accessible at low tide via 4x4 or on foot

Written by
Ellie Muir

Sometimes a city break just won’t cut it. Instead, what you actually need is to escape, ideally to somewhere really, really remote. If that’s your state of mind right now, here’s a place you might be into: a beautiful lighthouse on one of Scotland’s most secluded islands, available now on Airbnb.

The lighthouse keeper’s cottage, on the island of Davaar in Argyll and Bute, is only accessible at low tide by 4x4 or on foot (it’s about as cut off from the world as it gets, in other words). On clear nights, you can watch the sun set over the coastline from the private garden which has a firepit – ideal for keeping warm in this blustery part of the world (and for marshmallow roasting, if you fancy it).

So while the lighthouse itself isn’t actually open to guests, the cottage is right at the foot of the building, so you can live like a true lighthouse keeper for the weekend. Our advice? Don’t watch 2019 film The Vanishing before you go, though (it’s based on a true story about the mysterious disappearance of three lighthouse keepers). Or indeed The Lighthouse, which is a whole different kind of creepy.

Keen to live it up in the middle of nowhere? You can book a stay here.

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