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Dior spa carriage on Royal Scotsman
Photograph: Pierre Mouton for Parfums Christian Dior

Take a look at the Royal Scotsman’s luxury new Dior spa carriage

Guests will be treated to exclusive massage treatments alongside stunning Highland views

Written by
Henrietta Taylor

Good news, gallies: Belmond’s Royal Scotsman train has teamed up with Parfums Christian Dior to create the UK’s first-ever train-carriage spa. Inspired by Christian Dior’s long-standing affection for Scotland, the new spa is being billed as a luxurious ‘cocoon of serenity’ on rails. Along the way, guests will be treated to stunning Highland views of soaring peaks, mystical lochs and ancient castles. 

Who can afford such an affair at a time like this? Well, the price of kicking back in Dior’s lacquered treatment rooms remains a mystery, which suggests: not many of us. But for the super-wealthy crowd, the luxury haven-on-rails will offer three tailor-made spa treatments concocted by Dior’s wellness experts.

First, there’s the ‘D-Travel’ body massage, a luxury smooth-down that’ll relieve the tensions and purify the toxins picked up from your oh-so stressful 9-to-5. Then there’s the ‘D-Highlands’ treatment – a rejuvenating, sculpting facial inspired by kobido facial massage techniques.

You can even go the whole hog with the ‘D-Elements’ full-body treatment, which uses products inspired by the Scottish landscape. The description of said treatment is pretty OTT: ‘The D-Elements massage pays tribute to Scotland, where the four seasons can follow each other in the space of a single day. The sun shines on your back thanks to semi-precious hot stones, a breeze blows on the lower body thanks to a series of regular massage strokes, and the rain is featured by a Bain Dior mist, warmed by hot oshibori.’

And if you want to know what you can get up to when you’re off the train? Royal Scotsman’s itinerary does sound rather wonderful: ‘After a day of wild swimming in a nearby cascading waterfall, gorge walking or farm-to-table dining, retreat to our spa carriage to let the French Maison’s wellness experts take care of you.’

As well as the Dior spa, there’s a whole host of other luxury Royal Scotsman trips that have just been announced to mark the start of its upcoming season, including a ‘Taste of Scotland’ gourmet journey, designed by award-winning chef Tom Kitchin, and a Highland Survival Adventure itinerary.

The Dior Spa will be available from April 10. While the price tag still remains under wraps, you can make an enquiry via Belmont’s website.

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