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Rain in UK, union jack umbrellas
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The UK has ten (yes, ten) days of rain and wind on the way

It may be July, but more than a week of grey, rainy days has been forecast for the entire country

Liv Kelly
Written by
Liv Kelly

Despite the scorcher of a heatwave that currently melting Europe, even just a tiny bit typical summer weather remains out of reach for us Brits. And sadly, our sun-free misery is set to continue. 

The UK is forecast to be hit by rain storms which will likely last at least another ten days. Yep, ten days. And it won’t just be drab: thanks to Atlantic gales, it’ll be windy, too. Temperatures are apparently unlikely to rise above 20C.  

Coastal gales are predicted in the South East and South West of England, with strong winds forecast for the entirety of this weekend. The Midlands is to expect lots of rain showers and the north of England will feel unseasonably cool. 

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, meanwhile, will be experiencing scattered rain showers. But wherever, you are, it’s set to be grey and cloudy. For all the up-to-date weather, check out Met Office forecasts for your area here

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