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St Pancras Station, London
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There will soon be a new way of getting the train from London to Paris – and it’s not Eurostar

A cross-Channel competitor is set to launch in 2025

Charmaine Wong
Written by
Charmaine Wong

If you’ve been meaning to take the train from London to Paris but never quite been savvy enough to snap up the rare cheap(ish) tickets, there might soon be an alternative. Since the launch of the underwater rail link under the English Channel in 1994, several companies have tried to compete with Eurostar but to no avail… until now.

In news that could be a truly massive shake-up to cross-Channel rail travel, a train company called Evolyn has bought 12 trains from French manufacturer Alstom for a new high-speed route between Paris and London. In other words, there could soon be a direct competitor for Eurostar, which is the only current train provider for cross-Channel services. 

There aren’t yet any ticket price ranges or exact dates as to when Evolyn’s operations will start. What we do know, however, is that the trains will run between London’s St Pancras International and Paris’s Gare du Nord, and that it’s set to begin in 2025. It’s set to be in full operation by 2026.

An Evolyn spokesperson said: ‘This would be the first time, after 30 years of Eurostar’s monopoly, that a competitor has entered the market.’ The train company said in a statement that this £1bn project aims to offer a ‘modern, innovative and sustainable’ option providing ‘the best quality offer at competitive prices’.

Time Out’s take

Time Out’s in-house train expert Ed Cunningham said: ‘‘A competitor for Eurostar can only be a good thing! Hopefully, it’ll mean lower prices, better services and a wider variety of European destinations for travellers in London and the rest of the UK.’

It’s really a win-win situation for everyone. All aboard a brand-new intercontinental train!

ICYMI: this gorgeous old train station in England is now for sale.

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