This is officially the best Christmas market in the UK

Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds came up trumps in a recent study

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It’s nearly that time of year again. And you know what that means? Christmas markets will soon be cropping up all over the country.

So, which ones should be really, really good? Well, a new study has just revealed the very best festive markets in the UK, and Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds have come up trumps.

Researchers from the website Christmas Tree World used data from Instagram and Google, looking at which markets attracted the most people and had the highest number of searches. They also considered how long the event lasted and the average price of accommodation nearby.

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Manchester took top spot after being searched for 60,000 times on Google during the festive season and garnering more than 8,000 searches on Instagram per month. The market can also be enjoyed from November for 40 days.

In second place was Nottingham’s Christmas market, where you can expect to see a 60ft giant Christmas tree and plenty of wooden stalls. It runs for 43 days and average hotel prices for a three-star hotel are around £89.

Third place went to Leeds, which saw more than 6,000 searches per month on Google and 4,000 tags on Instagram. The Leeds Christmas market will run from November 15 for 43 days. 

Here are the UK’s top ten Christmas markets, according to the study:

1. Manchester (open from November 12)

2. Nottingham (open from November 15)

3. Leeds (open from November 5)

4. Birmingham (open from November 4)

5. Winchester (open from November 18)

6. Edinburgh (open from November 19)

7. York (open from November 17)

8. Bristol (open from November 4)

9. Chester (open from November 18)

10. Newcastle (open from November 2)

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