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Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
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This surprising seaside town has been named Britain’s ‘most depressing’ place to live

If you hate pretty streets and a seaside breeze, you might agree

Annie McNamee
Written by
Annie McNamee

British people like to complain. This is a known fact, an irrefutable truth of the universe akin to ‘every action has an equal, opposite reaction’ or ‘the teabag stays in until you pour the milk’.

It isn’t surprising, then, that every year the people over at iLivehere rank the 20 worst places to live in the UK. The winner doesn’t get a prize, but instead just bragging rights – the right to complain more than everyone else.

The ‘most depressing’ towns are voted for by the public. The website describes the ranking as an expose of sorts on the ‘towns that sap the residents’ will to live’ and warns readers that living there puts them at risk for ‘a terminal case of ennui.’ How dramatic.

So what is the most depressing place to live in the UK? Falmouth, apparently. Following that, Peterborough and Aberdeen came in second and third.

If you’re a resident of Falmouth who is surprised by this title, don’t fret. iLivehere are not only haters by trade, they admit freely that they ‘know absolutely nothing about Falmouth’. In short – take Falmouth’s title with a pinch of salt.

This may have been voted on by the public, but plenty of people would disagree. Time Out contributor and Cornish native India Lawrence strongly opposed the ruling, saying: ‘Falmouth isn't depressing! It's got a beautiful harbour, the beach, a bunch of lovely pubs and a great music scene.

‘[It] is also home to loads of students and young people who bring plenty of life and young energy to the area. What’s not to like?’

We at Time Out also recently ranked Falmouth amongst the best places to visit in the UK this year. And we may be biased, but we think our account is a lot more accurate. Falmouth, don’t listen to the haters. 

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