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Ullapool Harbour
Photograph: Visit Scotland/ Kenny Lam

This village in the Scottish Highlands is getting the UK’s most remote club night

Baile/Baile wants to bring the ‘joys of electronic music’ to one of the country’s northernmost communities

Amy Houghton
Written by
Amy Houghton

Travelling to the most remote corners of the world is basically as close as we’re going to get to travelling back in time. So, the very last thing you’d expect to find in a quaint little port in the Scottish Highlands is a rave to compete with those in the likes of Manchester, London or Glasgow

But now there’s a movement out to change that. After a disco visited Scotland’s Inner Hebrides last month, the even-more-northern village of Ullapool (one of our most underrated European destinations) will soon be host to the UK’s most remote club night, named Baile/Baile. 

The community-centric club night series will kick off in November, when tourism to the area is low. The series aims to bring a ‘much-needed’ alternative type of entertainment to locals. 

The nights are being held at The Ceilidh Place in the heart of the village, which has capacity for up to 100 revellers. As well as nationally and internationally acclaimed DJs, each night will keep things local with at least one act from the north of Scotland

Sigi Whittle, co-founder and resident DJ said: ‘Ullapool – and the Highlands as a whole – lacks late night and evening events that cater to a younger crowd. Having grown up in the rural Highlands, it has become apparent that many people have limited exposure to music and dance that strays beyond the traditional. 

‘Often young people seek these experiences further afield at festivals and on nights out in cities. Baile/Baile aims to invert this relationship and promote local events which draw from Scottish talent. The club night will act as a medium of exchange where locals can share in the joys of electronic music and dance, and visiting DJs can experience the potential of Ullapool and the Highlands beyond.’

If you’re interested in making the trek to Ullapool, here are the line-ups for each night. 

November 4 – Moray Leisure Centre, Smiff and resident DJs
December 2 – Corran, Sandy Woodhouse and local showcase
February 3 – Miss Cabbage, joeymousepads and resident DJs
March 2 – Comrade Massie, Feena and Truth Hamilton

Warehouse Project who?? You can buy tickets for Baile/Baile for just £10 here

Time Out’s take

Chiara Wilkinson, Time Out’s features editor, resident Scot and nightlife expert, said: ‘Now this looks like a club night worth travelling for. Not only does it feature some of Scotland’s most exciting DJ talent – including Smiff and Feena of Miss World – how often do you get the chance to boogie in such drop-dead gorgeous surroundings?  To cure the hang the next day, you can’t get better than a dose of fresh Highlands air and some hearty fish soup from Ullapool’s star foodie spot, The Seafood Shack.’ 

Did you see that this neighbourhood is officially the coolest in the UK?

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