A House with a View of the Sea

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Following his wife's death, Tomás Alonso, a campesino farmer, ponders whether God's justice is the same for all men. Struggling to raise his son, he's beset by poverty. Meanwhile, the fear of being unable to protect the boy from the bullying attention of the landowner's son brings tragedy to both their lives. This sometimes ponderous tale of love and death, violence and revenge is beautifully shot with a haunting, lushly minimalist score; moments of tenderness and humour, courtesy of a kindly travelling photographer, provide a little levity.

By: JFu

Release details

Cast and crew

Director: Alberto Arvelo
Screenwriter: Alberto Arvelo Mendoza
Cast: Gabriel Arcand
Imanol Arias
Leandro Arvelo
Alejo Felipe
Hector Manrique