A Lot like Love


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Two strangers in their early twenties (Kutcher and Peet) impulsively copulate in an airplane lavatory on a cross-country flight to New York. They then spend a day frolicking in the park and musing about their future plans. Then they part ways. Nigel Cole's plodding romance attempts to chart the almost-but-not-quite relationship over the next seven years, as their outlook changes from youthful idealism to adult regret. However, the only character who displays any discernible evidence of maturation is Peet's, mostly because of her believable performance (the couple's chemistry is much less convincing).


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Nigel Cole
Colin Patrick Lynch
Ashton Kutcher
Amanda Peet
Kathryn Hahn
Kal Penn
Ali Larter
Taryn Manning
Gabriel Mann
Jeremy Sisto

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