A Piece of the Action

Poitier and Cosby, successful thieves and pointedly more honest than the organisations they rob, suddenly acquire a social conscience when blackmailed by a retired cop (Jones) into doing time at the local community centre and using their knowhow to prepare a bunch of dead end kids for society. Instead of usefully contemplating the subversive implications of such an arrangement, A Piece of the Action abandons the idea that society's there for the taking in favour of wholesale sincerity and homespun philosophy. The result is best described as integration comedy: a kind of black version of Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.

By: CPe

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Cast and crew

Director: Sidney Poitier
Screenwriter: Charles Blackwell
Cast: Sidney Poitier
Bill Cosby
James Earl Jones
Denise Nicholas
Hope Clark
Tracy Reed
Titos Vandis
Frances Foster
Jason Evers
Marc Lawrence