A Very British Gangster

Movies, Documentary
3 out of 5 stars
Dominic Noonan, the head of a Mancunian mob family, is more Hot Fuzz than Reservoir Dogs. His black-suited gang struts down the road to a Tarantino jingle, but then inhales fish-and-chips with mushy peas at a local greasy spoon. Later, director Donal MacIntyre asks Noonan whether there might be “a hint of lavender” about him. To even pose the question may seem like lunacy, but it illuminates the fact that this capo is more of a modern-day Ronnie Kray than might be supposed. It’s here that the film takes a decisive turn, and begins to delve into deeper, more violent territory. But perhaps the threat of concrete boots made MacIntyre too uncomfortable to stick around for long.


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Release date:
Friday July 18 2008
97 mins

Cast and crew

Donal MacIntyre