After the Apocalypse

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Nakajima's low-budget bummer raises the usual troubling questions about our radioactive future: Will we truly need to fashion clothes out of padded storage materials? And will forlorn plastic baby dolls be as common a post-Armageddon sight as they seem here? After the Apocalypse occasionally offsets its tired conception with chintzy charm, and Carolyn McCartney's high-contrast b&w cinematography lands upon a perfect balance of grainy 16mm noise and harsh toxicity. But countless scenes involving, say, naive ogling at the sight of a dude making music with spoons ultimately prove wearying.

By: JR

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Cast and crew

Director: Yasuaki Nakajima
Screenwriter: Yasuaki Nakajima
Cast: Yasuaki Nakajima
Jacqueline Bowman
Velina Georgi
Zorikh Lequidre
Oscar Lowe
Moises Morales