Alexandria Encore

The third in a loose trilogy by Egypt's most widely respected director that began with Alexandria Why? in 1979. This takes as its starting point an argument between a film-maker (played by Chahine himself) and his favourite actor, an argument that precipitates an 82-style creative crisis and inspires the director to re-evaluate his work and his world. It's an exhilaratingly imaginative and sophisticated movie, embracing a number of themes and styles (including some marvellous musical sequences), beautifully shot and performed.

By: TCh

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Cast and crew

Director: Youssef Chahine
Screenwriter: Youssef Chahine
Cast: Yousra
Youssef Chahine
Hussein Fahmy
Amr Abdel-Guelil
Hisham Selim
Tahia Carioca
Hoda Sultan
Ragaa Hussein