Alligator Eyes

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Three old college friends, Lance, Robbie and Marjorie, go on a driving holiday together. Everything goes smoothly - Lance and Marjorie reviving their youthful affair, Robbie rediscovering the bottle - until they pick up a beautiful blind hitchhiker, Pauline. Using her blindness and her body, Pauline drives a wedge between the three buddies, and then draws them into her obsessive quest to find the man who murdered her parents. An impressive psycho-thriller, and although the pace flags at times, the central enigma of Pauline's motivation is sufficient to keep you guessing.

By: NKe

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Cast and crew

Director: John Feldman
Screenwriter: John Feldman
Cast: Annabelle Larsen
Roger Kabler
Allen McCullough
Mary McLain
John MacKay