An Angel for May

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Troubled schoolboy Tom (Beard) slips through a wormhole to the world of orphaned WWII evacuee May (Wakefield). Despite the care and attention of stolid farmer Sam (Wilkinson, ever reliable) and housekeeper Susan (James), it's Tom who helps May recover from her traumatic past. But when he's finally drawn back to the present to deal with his own family troubles, Tom realises that he must make one more trip to the past. An attractive, competent rendition of Melvin Burgess's children's book, but despite strong performances, not least that of the children, it lacks the pace truly to engage.

By: JFu

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Cast and crew

Director: Harley Cokliss
Screenwriter: Peter Milligan
Cast: Charlotte Wakefield
Matthew Beard
Anna Massey
Angeline Ball
Hugo Speer
John Benfield
Dora Bryan
Tom Wilkinson
Geraldine James
Nina Wadia
Julie Cox