Angelos is shy, tender, and gay, the product of a wretched family life (drunkard dad, ex-whore mom, crippled sister). When he meets a brashly confident macho marine, he therefore makes his bid for freedom and sets up a cosily domesticated flat with his lover, only to be sent out on the streets as a transvestite prostitute, with shame, humiliation, violence and death as the inevitable result. The sad-to-be-gay stance, so reminiscent of Nighthawks, is reinforced by the humourless central performance, while Katakouzinos' direction is frankly dull.

By: GA

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Cast and crew

Director: Yorgos Katakouzinos
Screenwriter: Yorgos Katakouzinos
Cast: Michalis Maniatis
Dionisis Xanthos
Katerina Chelmi
Maria Alkaiou
Vasilis Tsanglos
Yorgos Bartis