Angi Vera

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Set in 1948 in Stalinist Hungary, Angi Vera tells the story of a bold, innocent girl sent on a course to improve her standing in the Party. As Gabor's camera circles, a silent witness to the emotional and moral dilemmas that surface in the group and particularly Vera herself, we gradually discover the susceptibility which turns her from apparently brave idealist to seemingly wilful liar, trading her integrity (and betraying her love) for a place in the only system which has taken an interest in her. It's a very humanist film which successfully blends melodrama, morals and political comment. It also looks tremendous.

By: HM

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Cast and crew

Director: Pál Gabor
Screenwriter: Pál Gabor
Cast: Veronika Pap
Erzsi Pasztor
Eva Szabo
Tamás Dunai