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3 out of 5 stars
This ripe, rowdy satire on urban yoof culture is the swaggering and assured debut of its supremely talented writer-director-star Adam Deacon. Coming across like a hopped-up, London-set riff on Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’ (minus that film’s rich political overtones), ‘Anuvahood’ dismantles a pantheon of street stereotypes with acid one-liners and energy levels that are off the chart. Deacon plays K, a vain MC whose lack of success leads him to try his luck as a drug dealer. When his money and gear are pinched by vainer, even more deluded lisping meathead Tyrone (Richie Campbell), K must show his community and family what he’s worth. It’s a bit juvenile and some of the racial and sexual stereotypes are spiteful, but it’s so funny, sweet and pacy that you really won’t care.

By: David Jenkins


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Director: Adam Deacon
Cast: Adam Deacon
Daniel Toland
Femi Oyeniran
Ollie Barbieri