Bunny & the Bull

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2 out of 5 stars

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2 out of 5 stars
‘Mighty Boosh’ director King makes his feature-length debut with a comic tale of two mismatched London chums, one hip and dismissive, the other nerdy and sympathetic, who get into all sorts of madcap scrapes against ingenious semi-animated backdrops. Sound familiar? Sadly, ‘Bunny and the Bull’ has more in common with the recent, mean-spirited third series of ‘Boosh’ than the sparky, upbeat early days. It’s an ambitious but ultimately dispiriting film, crammed with interesting ideas and gorgeous visual flourishes, but utterly ruined by a shallow, unfunny script packed with creepy, despicable characters, reserving special mention for Furnaby’s boisterous, womanizing Bunny.



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Paul King
Paul King
Edward Hogg
Simon Farnaby
Noel Fielding
Julian Barratt

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