Movies, Thriller
1 out of 5 stars
A serious question for wanna-be torturers: If the game plan is to stalk a model, drug her, drag her down to a basement and make her drink icky blood and stuff, why choose the ultraboring Elisha Cuthbert? Her directors on 24 couldn’t get her to do anything compelling, so what makes you think you’ll be any different? That’s just bad strategy, dreamer. Choose someone who actually screams, not whines. Captivity’s exploitative posters promised much more, but this rank-and-file entry in the new brutality (directed by an obviously disinterested Roland Joffé) is just a snooze.


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Cast and crew

Roland Joffé
Larry Cohen, Joseph Tura
Elisha Cuthbert
Daniel Gillies
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Michael Harney
Laz Alonzo
Rebekah Ryan