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Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf follows up his well-liked piece of visual minimalism, ‘Milky Way’, with an absolutely rotten foray into (science) fiction filmmaking. ‘Womb’ is a chunky-knitwear nightmare about a woman who gives birth to a clone of her own childhood sweetheart – not a great idea, if you couldn't guess. It stars a self-consciously whey-faced Eva Green opposite current Dr Who, Matt Smith, whose character ascends from happy-clappy earth child to frenzied nutcase (and salt-shaker abuser) over the space of about two scenes. Despite a number of attractively shot vistas – mainly of the metal-hued beaches of northern Germany – Fliegauf struggles to convey ideas through visual means (performance being his weakest suit). For its wacky pretensions about Oedipal woe to have even bordered on the convincing, this desperately needed a more human, less artificially sombre guiding hand.

By: David Jenkins


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Director: Benedek Fliegauf
Screenwriter: Benedek Fliegauf
Cast: Eva Green
Matt Smith
Lesley Manville