Days of Wine and Roses

A heartrending saga of alcoholic dependency, adapted by JP Miller from his own teleplay. Cast heavily against type, Lemmon plays a San Francisco PR man uneasy about his job (which involves procuring women for business parties) and covering it by convivial drinking. When he marries Remick, they drink to celebrate. They drink to everything else, too. And then they start drinking simply to drink. The couple's battle to get off the bottle is harrowingly chronicled, so much so that you almost forget it's a Blake Edwards picture - his best by some margin, with a touching score by Henry Mancini.

By: TJ

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Cast and crew

Director: Blake Edwards
Screenwriter: JP Miller
Cast: Jack Lemmon
Lee Remick
Charles Bickford
Jack Klugman
Alan Hewitt
Tom Palmer
Debbie Megowan
Jack Albertson
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