Deadly Strangers

Movies, Thriller
Old-fashioned psychopathic goings-on in the West Country. Ward, a travelling salesman, shoe fetishist and voyeur, gives a lift to nice Hayley Mills while we're left to guess which one's the nutter escaped from the local funny farm. The script disastrously lumbers itself with this cumbersome suspense mechanism at the expense of developing more profitable themes, and the camerawork stresses the obvious with its movements. Sole redeeming feature is Hayley Mills, who suggests an actress capable of much better things than she has been offered recently. Hayers, to his credit, does exploit her best quality - an insolent, slightly offhand sex appeal.

By: CPe

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Cast and crew

Director: Sidney Hayers
Screenwriter: Philip Levene
Cast: Hayley Mills
Simon Ward
Sterling Hayden
Ken Hutchison
Peter Jeffrey
Hubert Tucker