Death Kick

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Set in '20s China and based around the life of the famous Cantonese boxer/martial arts master Huang Fei-hong, Death Kick doesn't really manage to surmount the drawback of its over-complicated plot to convey much of the feeling of the period, or much of its latent theme either. Perhaps surprisingly, its strong points are its humour, some engaging if broad characterisations, and its sly view of the activities of the opium- and jade-dealing Europeans who ran China's concessions at the time. Amiable enough, but its fight sequences lack the style to make them more than competent.

By: VG

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Cast and crew

Director: Ho Menghua
Screenwriter: I Kuang
Cast: Chen Ping
Gu Feng
Wang Xie
Lin Weidu
Xu Shaoxiong