Deep Rising

Movies, Action and adventure
Plumbing unfathomable depths of stupidity, this rushes headlong through the expected scenes of carnage towards a suitably dumb climax to reveal the mother of all sea monsters. During her maiden voyage, the cruise liner Argonautica becomes a virtual 'ghost ship' when passengers and crew are attacked by giant serpentine sea creatures. The few survivors are later joined by mercenary captain-for-hire Williams, his crazy engineer O'Connor, and their human cargo - sundry seafaring scumbags lead by Studi. A little gruesome light relief from the risible dialogue is provided by those scenes in which victims with 'Eat Me' tattooed on their foreheads are duly dispatched and digested. Monstrously bad, yet undeniably enjoyable.

By: NF

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Cast and crew

Director: Stephen Sommers
Screenwriter: Stephen Sommers
Cast: Treat Williams
Famke Janssen
Anthony Heald
Kevin J O'Connor
Wes Studi