Devils, Devils

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This is rather like everyone's idea of the Polish art film - slow-moving, shadow-laden, practically silent, and packed with significant close-ups and baleful looks. There's not much narrative either: gypsies come to a gloom-laden small town and small-minded souls rail at their alien ways, while a young girl finds the presence of the Other curiously in synch with her (you guessed it) burgeoning sexuality. At times soporific in its drowsy pace, it's nevertheless strangely seductive, not least for its tendency to dissolve into formalism. The occasional gypsies' knees-ups seem to have wandered in from another film entirely, but overall this is a curious, extremely atmospheric exercise.

By: JRo

Release details

Cast and crew

Director: Dorota Kedzierzawska
Screenwriter: Dorota Kedzierzawska
Cast: Justyna Ciemny
Pawel Chwedoruk
Grzegorz Karabin