Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Better make the most of the first ten minutes of this execrable melodrama (directed by the scriptwriter of Thelma & Louise), because from then on it's the yackety-yack sisterhood in spades. Successful Louisiana-born playwright Sidda (Bullock) reveals she had an abused childhood in an interview with Time magazine. Mom Vivi is furious and refuses to attend her daughter's wedding, which in any case Sidda is threatening to call off, fearing she too will make a bad mother. Time to revisit the past courtesy of an old scrapbook proffered by Vivi's lifelong friends - a remarkable historical document whose pressed flowers and ticket stubs tell a tragic tale of neglect while exonerating the younger Vivi (Judd) in full. (Based on two self-indulgent novels by Rebecca Wells.

By: SS

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Cast and crew

Director: Callie Khouri
Screenwriter: Callie Khouri, Mark Andrus
Cast: Sandra Bullock
Ellen Burstyn
Fionnula Flanagan
James Garner
Ashley Judd
Shirley Knight
Angus MacFadyen
Maggie Smith
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