Docteur Jekyll et les Femmes

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Borowczyk brings to this the same bizarre, poetic sensibility which made Goto, Island of Love and Blanche such outlandish wonders, but which forced him into working in the margins of the sex-film industry. He takes the traditional elements of the Stevenson story and turns them to his own surreal ends: the good doctor is transformed into a ravening beast and then stalks the corridors of a rambling Victorian house; the inhabitants find themselves under siege from within, and the threat is largely sexual. As usual Borowczyk exercises his immaculate, painterly eye for unusual objects and settings, and a fetishist's delight in costume (especially shoes). God knows what the raincoat trade makes of it: a film of strange and outrageous beauty which seems to emanate from that place where our fears are also desires. CPea.

By: CPea

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Cast and crew

Director: Walerian Borowczyk
Screenwriter: Walerian Borowczyk
Cast: Udo Kier
Marina Pierro
Patrick Magee
Howard Vernon
Clément Harari
Gérard Zalcberg