Dogpound Shuffle

Movies, Comedy
In Vancouver, rasping Irish bum (Moody) loses his little old terrier Spot, and can't fork up the thirty dollars to get the mutt out of the dog-pound, but eventually raises the money in a rather enchanting way. Despite this gooey storyline, the movie has a good bit of guts, and the director/producer/writer shows a nice talent for wittily depicting life's seamier side: there's a brief moment in a rock-bottom café where Moody digs into a cesspit masquerading as a bowl of soup, and a hearty off-screen cougher turns out to be the cook; scenes in the dog-pound bristle with well-modulated violence and general unpleasantness. Moody's acting is agreeably restrained, as is the dog's.

By: GB

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Cast and crew

Director: Jeffery Bloom
Screenwriter: Jeffery Bloom
Cast: Ron Moody
David Soul
Pamela McMyler
Ray Stricklyn
Raymond Sutton
Robert Ruth