Doll's Eye

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This examines contradictory male attitudes to women as they affect a researcher, a prostitute and a switchboard operator. Documentary evidence and fictionalised scenes are interwoven to produce a daunting picture of incomprehension and abuse. But in its apparent determination to be non-didactic, the film ends up a victim of its own honesty, constantly undercutting its arguments. Nevertheless, if it ultimately bites off rather more than it can chew, there are plenty of incidental pleasures along the way; not least Worth's sharp eye for absurdity, and her resolve to forge a style of British political cinema that is daring and informative as well as entertaining.

By: JP

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Cast and crew

Director: Jan Worth
Screenwriter: Jan Worth, Annie Brown, Anne Cottringer
Cast: Sandy Ratcliff
Bernice Stegers
Lynne Worth
Paul Copley
Nick Ellsworth
Richard Tolan