Dougal and the Blue Cat

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When blue-furred Buxton turns up in the Magic Garden, Dougal suspects that all is not well. The new feline friend's habit of hanging around in the nearby deserted glue factory and talking to the disembodied 'Blue Voice' (Fenella Fielding) doesn't increase his confidence one jot. And indeed in no time at all our hero's worst fears are realised: Zebedee's moustache is hijacked, the chums are chucked in a dungeon, and Dougal himself gets sent to the moon by Madame Blue. It's a tribute to Eric Thompson's superb voice-overs that this remains a quite inspiring animation movie, by turns witty, satirical, and occasionally downright weird. Kids will love it, adults go bananas over it, and spaced-out acid casualties think they've astrally projected on to another planet. (The English version was written and directed by Gavrick Losey and Joyce Herlihy.

By: MK

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Cast and crew

Director: Serge Danot
Screenwriter: Serge Danot, Jacques Josselin
Cast: Eric Thompson
Fenella Fielding