Du Rififi à Paname

Movies, Thriller
One of those latter-day vehicles in which, portly and white-haired, Gabin brushes importunate girls aside to lavish attentions on his pet Boxer, meanwhile masterminding a series of unenterprising crimes which win him the usual admiring accolade: 'He's a real man!' Thoroughly routine stuff, it mixes some passable action sequences with statutory travelogue footage (London, Munich, Tokyo), allows Gabin to coast through without exerting himself, and finds time for George Raft to do his coin-flipping act. But Claudio Brook, taking time off from Buñuel (he was the major-domo in The Exterminating Angel and the nutty saint in Simon of the Desert) makes a refreshingly unstereotyped hero, and Gert Fröbe steals his scenes as a crook with leftist leanings.

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Cast and crew

Director: Denys de la Patellière
Screenwriter: Alphonse Boudard, Denys de la Patelliere
Cast: Jean Gabin
Claudio Brook
Gert Fröbe
Nadja Tiller
George Raft
Claude Brasseur
Mireille Darc
Daniel Ceccaldi