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The marvellously quaint and funny tale of a timid, unprepossessing little man - self-styled as The Professor - who busies himself with designing coats-of-arms, and presenting them to anyone who matches up to his private assessment of nobility. Recipients include an old man patiently waiting on a railway station for the son who doesn't turn up, a hall porter who brings a cup of coffee when he hurts his leg, a girl with whom he embarks on a sidelong little romance, and who proves that she deserves his accolade of 'Princess' when the law finally catches up and he is jailed for his 'malpractices'. Stunningly shot in colour, with a non-professional cast and very much the same wryly observant sense of humour as Il Posto, it has a touch of real Olmi magic to it.

By: TM

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Cast and crew

Director: Ermanno Olmi
Screenwriter: Ermanno Olmi, Fortunato Pasqualino
Cast: Renato Parracchi
Rosanna Callegari