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This very wild eastern Western bears an uncanny resemblance to that supposedly extinguished early-'90s entity, the Euro-pudding. Biblical in scope, Babel-like in execution, it's a sprawling revenge saga starring Wenham and Fiennes as Luke and Elijah, sharp-shooting brothers from the old American West who fall out over a woman and high-tail it in turn to the post-Ottoman turmoil of Macedonia. Luke finds his calling as a brutal bounty hunter; Elijah shows but rarely, solemnly hunting Luke. Already distended by a dearth of sensible explication and an excess of editing interventions, this muffled tale is further fractured by its failing narrator, a present-day Ancient Mariner called Angela (Murphy) whose New York apartment Edge (Lester) makes the mistake of trying to burgle. The ambition might be a magical layering and merging of stories, lives and eras, but the effect is a bewildering crush.

By: NB

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Cast and crew

Director: Milcho Manchevski
Screenwriter: Milcho Manchevski
Cast: Joseph Fiennes
David Wenham
Adrian Lester
Anne Brochet
Nikolina Kujaca
Rosemary Murphy
Vlado Jovanovski
Salaetin Bilal
Vera Farmiga
Matthew Ross
Meg Gibson