Everything Is Illuminated

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In an unbelievably assured debut as a director, Liev Schreiber adapts Jonathan Safran Foer's comic pseudobiographical novel about a fastidious American (Wood) on a Ukrainian road trip with an Ali G-esque tour guide (Hutz). Compared with its antic setup, the second half is an emotional gut punch, as Wood nears the town of Trachimbrod and the horrifying truth at the end of his quest (which also, coincidentally, involves a ring). Though it indulges in some egregious examples of quirkiness—dog reaction shots and foreign manglings of the English language—Everything Is Illuminated will still knock you out.



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Liev Schreiber
Liev Schreiber
Elijah Wood
Eugene Hutz
Boris Leskin
Laryssa Lauret

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