Godzilla vs the Smog Monster

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The tenth sequel to the original Godzilla. Your favourite Oriental monster's sparring partner here is a king-sized lump of sludge (supposedly evolved from the industrial waste of a coastal town) that poses under the name of Hedora (Hopper? tails? sexual?) and looks like a cross between an owl and a festering turd. While the special effects aren't exactly Harryhausen (in fact two Jap midgets in costumes stomping around shoe-boxes painted to look like factories), and it's certainly no great shakes as sci-fi, there are a few laughs and an unintentionally funny 'Save the Earth' theme tune.

By: PM

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Cast and crew

Yoshimitsu Banno
Takeshi Kimura, Yoshimitsu Banno
Akira Yamaguchi
Hiroyuki Kawase
Toshie Kimura
Toshio Shibaki
Keiko Mari