Gojira 1984

Godzilla ended his 1954 trip to Japan as a pile of ash, but the horny guy is back, redesigning the Tokyo skyline with extreme prejudice. Since the mid-'90s we've been able to compare the American re-edit (Godzilla 1985, incorporating added scenes featuring Raymond Burr) with the un-Burred original (Return of Godzilla). In these versions Godzilla is off-screen for almost an hour and both are dubbed, apparently by Australians. Not only does Godzilla have to be vanquished all over again but there's a cold war still on and, interestingly, in the Burr version, some nifty cutting reverses the Soviet navy's original reluctance to go nuclear. Not to be missed: the end titles love song, 'Take care now Godzilla, my old friend'.

By: DO

Release details

Cast and crew

Director: Kohji Hashimoto, RJ Kizer
Screenwriter: Shuichi Nagahara, Lisa Tomei
Cast: Raymond Burr
Keiju Kobayashi
Ken Tanaka
Yasuko Sawaguchi
Shin Takuma
Eitaro Ozawa