Good Morning…and Goodbye

Connoisseurs of camp who revere Russ Meyer's majestic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls will be disappointed by this low-budget earlier effort. Although loins quiver, studs flex their pectorals, and cantilevered breasts career across the screen, the film is distinctly skimpy and down-market. Despite the sonorous moralising in prologue and epilogue about 'humble sex, that three-letter word whose power cannot be demeaned by the foulness of four-letter words', such splendid silliness is not maintained throughout the story of Burt, impotent middle-aged businessman, and his randy, taunting wife Angel, for whose legs anytime is opening time.

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Russ Meyer
John E Moran
Alaina Capri
Stuart Lancaster
Pat Wright
Karen Ciral
Don Johnson
Tom Howland