Gordon's War

Movies, Action and adventure
Once director Davis settles down and leaves gimmickry well alone, this unfolds nicely enough. The idea is the old one of a group of professionals dedicated to wiping out crime and evil, this time in modern Harlem. Ex-Green Beret Winfield reassembles the old black platoon from 'Nam and declares war on the pusher after his wife is found dead from an overdose (cue for red-filtered flashbacks). Wartime expertise hits the concrete jungle, and from then on it's mindless action all the way, with the platoon having unlimited access to material - 'Hey, man, this infra-red is outta sight!' - to help wage their war. Raised out of the ordinary by an ingenious safe raid, an above-average car chase, and some nice location work.

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Cast and crew

Director: Ossie Davis
Screenwriter: Howard Friedlander, Ed Spielman
Cast: Paul Winfield
Carl Lee
David Downing
Tony King
Gilbert Lewis
Carl Gordon