Green Ice

Movies, Comedy
Clodhopping attempt to make a jolly romantic comedy set against a background of torture, murder and rebel guerillas being fed to the hogs in the prisons of Colombia. O'Neal and Archer play a couple of Americans meeting cute in Mexico, then heading for Colombia, where she takes over from a sister shot while working for the rebel cause, and he (at first with itchy fingers for the loot) helps her replenish the rebel coffers through a daring heist of emeralds from a government stronghold right out of a James Bond movie (with Sharif a villain to match). Painfully miscalculated from the word go, it's a load of offensive old cobblers coated in picture postcard scenery.

By: TM

Release details

Cast and crew

Director: Ernest Day
Screenwriter: Edward Anhalt, Ray Hassett, Anthony Simmons, Robert DeLaurentis
Cast: Ryan O'Neal
Anne Archer
Omar Sharif
Domingo Ambriz
John Larroquette
Philip Stone