Guest House Paradiso

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Edmondson's anarchic, loud, excessive comedy is so crude, so lewd, that it will probably try the patience of even TV's Bottom fans. A cheap take-off of Fawlty Towers, it's set in an island holiday pad run by dodgy voyeur and all-round fleecer Richie Twat (Mayall) and his thick buddy Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba (Edmondson). The food sucks; most rooms overlook a nuclear power station; and sex starved, foul mouthed Mr Twat just can't resist rummaging through his guests' underwear. The admittedly hilarious opening sight of Eddie speeding manically on his motorbike sets the tone: we're talking imbecilic bog humour, with stains; everything is pushed to the extreme. If your toes don't curl, that's because you've already left the cinema.

By: DA

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Cast and crew

Director: Adrian Edmondson
Screenwriter: Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall
Cast: Rik Mayall
Adrian Edmondson
Vincent Cassel
Hélène Mahieu
Bill Nighy
Simon Pegg
Fenella Fielding
Lisa Palfrey
Kate Ashfield
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