Halloween Resurrection

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John Carpenter's homicidal hominid Michael Myers has again survived apparent death, and has his sights on six college students participating in a reality TV webcast live from his childhood home. Returning Halloween II director Rosenthal abandons the character development and slow-boiling tension that made 1998's H20 a guilty pleasure. Here, in the eighth film of the series, dialogue merely fills the space between slashings. Jamie Lee Curtis appears in a cameo and literally kisses off the series during a horribly tasteless confrontation with her butcher-boy brother.

By: AW

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Cast and crew

Director: Rick Rosenthal
Screenwriter: Larry Brand, Sean Hood
Cast: Busta Rhymes
Bianca Kajlich
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Ryan Merriman
Daisy McCrakin
Katee Sackhoff
Billy Kay
Luke Kirby
Sean Patrick Thomas
Tyra Banks
Jamie Lee Curtis