Hard Contract

Movies, Thriller
A sometimes intelligent examination of the mind of a professional killer (Coburn) sent to Europe to dispose of three men. Plans start to go awry when his emotional reserves (he deliberately seeks transactions with prostitutes) are plumbed by Remick. Unfortunately there are too many distractions for the film to really work: Coburn appears too inflexible, the pretty European locations look deliberately chosen for the American market, and too many well known faces (Magee, Palmer, Dauphin) are left with too little to do.

By: CPe

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Cast and crew

Director: S Lee Pogostin
Screenwriter: S Lee Pogostin
Cast: Helen Cherry
Lee Remick
Karen Black
Sterling Hayden
Patrick Magee
Claude Dauphin
Lilli Palmer
Burgess Meredith
James Coburn