Having It All

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Glossy comedy featuring high fashion and the jet set life. Guilt-ridden Thera (Cannon), a rich, successful fashion designer, has a cool, sophisticated spouse in New York, and an artistic, passionate one in LA. Her personality changes too, one can tell by the changes in hairstyle from soignée to rampant curls. Bedroom doors are out of date, and it's more a question of popping in and out of airports, and even then you can get caught. Naturally the first husband finally wins out, and the comedy follows its predictable course unto its dreary end. Made for cable TV, it should have stayed there.

By: JE

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Cast and crew

Director: Edward Zwick
Screenwriter: Elizabeth Gill, Ann Beckett
Cast: Dyan Cannon
Barry Newman
Hart Bochner
Melanie Chartoff
Sylvia Sidney
Andra Millian