Hawk the Slayer

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Somewhere in the mists of time (or dry ice to you and me), Hawk the Slayer (Terry) roamed a land of painted backdrops, cardboard castles, and gauze-infested forests, fighting Evil and bringing Peace. His team: a dwarf, an elf, a giant, and a witch who can turn a useful trick or two. His opponents: the rest of the world captained by big brother Palance, a dirty player if ever there was one. The object of the game: kill each other. The wonder of it is that the cast can deliver their lines without cracking up. It is all so unbelievably tacky that it almost works.

By: FF

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Cast and crew

Director: Terry Marcel
Screenwriter: Terry Marcel, Harry Robertson
Cast: Jack Palance
John Terry
Bernard Bresslaw
Ray Charleson
Peter O'Farrell
Patricia Quinn
Annette Crosbie
Morgan Sheppard
Harry Andrews
Roy Kinnear
Patrick Magee
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