Hell Is for Heroes

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A war film is a war film is a war film... except that Siegel, brought into the project at the last moment when Steve McQueen refused to work with the scheduled director, toughened the standard war-is-hell screenplay into an extraordinary study of psychopathology. He centres everything squarely on the McQueen character (one of his best performances, a human war machine), and emphasises the tensions within the American platoon rather than the conflict with the offscreen Germans. The ending, which stresses the enormous human cost of a small tactical gain, is remarkably powerful, precisely because it's the first time that Siegel allows his audience any perspective on what they've been seeing.

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Cast and crew

Director: Don Siegel
Screenwriter: Robert Pirosh, Richard Carr
Cast: Steve McQueen
Bobby Darin
Fess Parker
Nick Adams
Bob Newhart
Harry Guardino
James Coburn
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