Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

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With its bravura camerawork, fetishistic Cenobite designs, nerve-jangling soundtrack, and literate Peter Atkins script, Anthony Hickox's film is a worthy successor to Clive Barker's flesh-ripping original. Freed from the stone prison of the Pillar of Souls, Pinhead (Bradley) quickly dispatches decadent rock club owner JP Monroe (Bernhardt). Hearing of JP's gruesome death, TV reporter Joey Summerskill (Farrell) sniffs a scoop, but what she finds is something more nightmarish: Pinhead and his new purveyors of pain, Camerahead, CD and Barbie. Forget the disastrous Hellbound: Hellraiser II; this is adult horror to die for.

By: NF

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Cast and crew

Director: Anthony Hickox
Screenwriter: Peter Atkins
Cast: Doug Bradley
Terry Farrell
Paula Marshall
Kevin Bernhardt
Ken Carpenter
Peter Boynton
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